Membership Benefits

As well as club member discounts available on all ALO wines, membership gives you the following benefits:

Rob’s Gems

As a club member you will receive first offerings from Rob’s research and discovery of hidden gems.

As a respected mentor and icon of the wine industry, Rob regularly comes across hidden gems. Great value wines of small runs that are outstanding value and quality. As a member you will receive an invitation to join the Rob’s Gem’s mailing list

Unfortunately these wines are typically in very short supply and are offered on a First come first serve basis. The number available per order are usually restricted to ensure as many club members as possible get to enjoy these wines.

En premeure

As a club member you will receive priority offerings of each new vintage prior to official release.

Be the first to sample the latest creation from Rob Bowen each vintage.

Bowen Code Cellar Management System

Rob’s famous cellar management system. See here for details

Robert Bowen's simplified approach to wine collection and management.

With the Bowen Code, Robert Bowen has managed to distil 46 years of wine making and collecting knowledge in a system that anyone can understand and use. 

Robert Bowen's proven rating system presented as carefully considered combination of colour and alphanumeric tags allows you to gain overview of the status of your wine collection at a single glance.

Bowen Code Wine Racks

Cost effective stainless steel and steel minimalist wine racks. Looks great in any situation. Some assembly required.

The wine racks are a collaborative venture by Rob and ALO. The system takes advantage of readily available welded steel mesh and stainless-steel fittings designed by us. Assembly requires the use of an allen key (think IKEA).

Annual Dinner

Invitation to the exclusive Robert Bowen dinner.

A not to be missed event of fine wines and food, presented by Rob Bowen

Priority access to wine tastings

Rob undertakes a number of small group wine tastings each year. Club members have priority bookings to these events

Rob’s cellar curation consultancy

Not sure of the next direction for your cellar collection or unsure of the value? Rob provides a curating service to help get control of your wine collection.

  • Inventory
  • Estimated value
  • Reports by region variety etc

Rob’s event sommelier wine list Function wines

Have an event coming up? Wedding, birthday, fundraiser etc. Ask Rob for advice on variety and discounted prices.